Visiting Art museum of Aine

It was a wonderful sunny day when us students where introduced the Art Museum of Aine. We walked from school to the museum enjoying the amazing colors of the fall around us. On the way we stopped on the memorial statue of war children. It was a stopping moment to think those 80 000 children who were taken by the sweedish families, transported through Haaparanta to safety during the war. 15 000 of theme never returned back. It made us all think about what an enourmous impact this era of history has had on our nations of Sweden and Finland. Then we carried on our walk to the museum. Annika introduced the history of this museum and how it´s collection of art was assembled. The interiour was full of paintings, drawings, sculptures and interiour-art, the variety of styles, techniques and artists made us all gasp. It was like having a fest buffet for our eyes! What a superfood for ideas and thoughts art is! All in all, this visit was extremely inspiring experience for us all. And of co

Student- and teacher exchange project, Thursday: Lighting, sound and art

Jyväskylän kristillinen opisto's students are at work combining lighting, sound and art. On Thursday we made a performance about autumn. First we divided our group in half so the others were working with the lights and the others with the sound. The music group recorded sounds that they thought reflected autumn. For example they recorded people eating apples. The light group prepared the stage. We brought leaves from outside, put colorful fabrics on the floor and made a tree from cardboard. The light group also set the lights in their right positions. After couple of hours the light group and the music group united and we started to put our performance together. We listened what the music group had recorded and started to think about the lights and the story. We made one scene at a time. Sometimes we thought about the story first and after that the lights, sometimes it was the other way around. When creating the story we just improvised and tried different things. We decid

Student and teacher exchange project, Thursday: Art exhibition

Art exhibit by the students of Jyväskylän kristillinen opisto and Svefi. Our last night together there was a culture-evening at the school and we presented what we had done during the week.  Putting up our exhibition. Abstract geometric- and line-art made with acryl-colours. Charcoal art. Abstract geometric- and line-art made with pencils and markers. Some portraits also! Abstract geometric shapes.

Study visit at Tornedal& Co and at Studio Jala

Tornedal & Co is a charming and cozy Cafe that offers: Design, craft, art, literature and delicatessen from Tornedalen. Lighting designer Anna Lindqvist told us about her photo exhibition. The photos were taken at Svalbard. Anna's "working room" at Studio Jala Henri Hiltunen and his designed textiles at Studio Jala

Nordic Visions - Colourful and inspiring life at Svefi


Student- and teacher exchange project, Wednesday: Art

Students from Jyväskylän kristillinen opisto and Svefi work on individual projects in Svefi's art studio.